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About Acacia

  • We use the latest research to determine which nutrient-dense ingredients to incorporate into your meals each week

  • We believe in using fresh, local, in season produce because they are the freshest and hold the most nutrients 

  • We make everything in house from scratch- down to the sauces to ensure that you can trust every ingredient we incorporate into your meals


  • We strive to incorporate as many fresh herbs and spices into your meals to provide one of the most important nutrients of all—pleasure.

  • We use only the highest quality oils in the preparation of your meals- avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and ghee

  • We use sustainable packaging and containers made from renewable plant-based materials


Why Acacia?


Alicia - New Jersey

“I love how much time Acacia saves me. I used to hate the process of cooking starting with grocery shopping Acacia takes the stress of all of that away. ”


Grisha - NYC

“I have been exercising for almost 2 years but never really saw the results I dreamed of. Until I finally decided to listen to all the blogs and realized that diet played a HUGE role in hitting fitness goals. Acacia helps me reach those goals”


Sam - New Jersey

"I love that I can trust Acacias team always to use the best groceries and produce. It's scary not knowing what you are putting in your body and Acacia takes the fear away with its clean nutrition promise."

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